How to make the slack integration with google


Slack is one of those apps that I think if you really give it its due it might be life-changing for you.

I'm just going to give you a quick background of why slack is so relevant for you

When your team is growing you found that you are getting stretched to your limit communication wise because each one of your team members likes to use a different tool for communications one of them loves to communicate with you on Facebook Messenger another love to communicate with you in Skype and Skype messenger they're the instant messaging side of Skype one uses email actually they all use email fairly well.

The bottom line is that you will getting stretched into all of these different places and beginning to lose cycles beginning to lose the amount of time to find something and you will worry that you will going to miss something important because you will not able to look in the right place for something that was relevant.

But when you use you and your team will really discovering that it works for you.

Slack gives us a unified communication interface that allows us to all work in the same space and they make it worthwhile because they give us a whole bunch of benefits if we commit to communicating in slack itself.

Slack integration with google services

Slack also has extensibility.

You can add more functions and features depending on your team’s needs and the other tools that you use.

Such as:

You can make slack integration with google spreadsheet. (link the address of the article)

You can make the slack integration with google mail. (link the address of the article)

You can make the slack integration with google calendar

I’m going to show you one of those features today.

How to make the slack integration with google calendar

Google calendar is part of what I call my quick capture system. img

the gist of it is that quick capture means you want to get ideas of any kind out of your head as immediately as possible and into a system that you trust, one that has context one that's organized and one that will either notify you when you need to know about it again in the future or that you trust yourself to check regularly.

So, how to connect your Google Calendar to slack?

this is a great tool because when you've got it enabled you can get reminders and updates for calendar events right inside slack anytime you can make use of a product integration like this which prevents you having to use multiple apps or from having to switch between windows or tabs over the long term it makes for a real time-saver.

I will show you step by step How to make the slack integration with google calendar

Let's get started

let's start at the slack app directory.

Just do a quick search for Google Calendar and the app will appear.

Then you have to grab some permissions.

You can pick what calendar you want to connect to slack. this is a great feature because you might have a shared calendar that you use with your slack team or that you want to make team members aware of and others you prefer to keep private.

you can also choose the channel that you want to post it to and you can change it later if you need the calendar displayed in a different channel instead.

Note: posting to your channels is great if you want everyone to see what's coming up such as in a shared company channel but if you just want to see your own calendar events that are coming up you can do that as well instead of choosing one of the other options choose privately to you via at flack bot and then only you will see the calendar updates.

now we have some customization options such as:

Event Reminder

It is about what kinds of notifications you want?

you can get reminded when an event is about to start which I like

Calendar Updates

Get notified when changes are made to your calendar

Calendar Summarizes

You can also get summaries of upcoming calendar items

Now you just hit save integration to complete the slack integration with google calendar

hopefully you found this helpful if you



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