How to create Android app with React Native

I will show you How to use your existing web development skills to create Android app with React Native.
Yes, you can produce native iOS and Android app using those skills and yes, it's completely possible to utilize your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills and can design native Android and iOS app.
First and foremost, let's be clear here that I'm not talking about the highbred apps or the web apps that are being wrapped around in a browser or something like that.
It's not it's a complete and pure native apps that you design in iOS using Swift or in Android using Java or Cortland they are pure apps and they are completely being designed using the web skills that is HTML CSS and JavaScript.

what is React native?

In order to understand the react native I have to touch up a little bit on the react as well.

What is React?

In case you are not aware with the project react, it is a project being designed by Facebook and in case you are not aware and still don't believe me that these apps can be really awesome just stick out your phone and have a look on the apps like Facebook, your messenger of the Facebook, and Instagram they are completely being designed and are almost switched into the react native.
Facebook recently was facing a lot of problems about redesigning their apps and everything.
Basically I believe the problem was handling a lot of users to just roll out new features as well now just onto a side note just try to imagine if I give you a small chunk of the Facebook app which is humongous which is very big and you have to just recompile that up it just ctrl be your command be just rebuild that up it's going to take a lot of time you can have probably a coffee or can have a nap and still.
That is that app is going to be compiled so Facebook needed something more robust faster that can handle a lot of traffic as well as can be designed really quickly.
The team at the Facebook got started by designing a new completely fresh project which is react.
The good part about the react is its virtual DOM.

What is React Native?

The successor or so-called successor of the react is react native now all the things that you learn in the react like components props States and other things are used in the react native as well.
All the things that you're going to learn in the react can be applied in react native and it's almost same workflow.
Components, props and states are all being used in the react native and thus you got your native application.

Why choose to create Android app with React Native?

All you need to understand that using React Native to create Android app is really fast Although it's a library but it's kind of a very lightweight component that can be injected anywhere.
You can use react with PHP with MySQL with firebase with MongoDB or maybe any other kind of database that you are using.
It's really awesome and everybody is liking it in the community.

The best tow parts about create Android app with React Native are:

The first part in react native is that you don't ever compile your app you just hit a reload just like in your website and that's it you are done making your app.

The second part is you don't have to maintain two separate code bases for your application.

For example, let's just say I have an application and I have to launch two separate versions of it obviously in an iOS version and an Android version, it requires two teams to be out there because simply one team is going to maintain Android application and the other team is going to maintain iOS application.

Implying the same exact feature in iOS and Android does require a lot of combination of those teams and lot of talks in between them.

When you create Android app with React Native you just have to maintain one single code and that code will produce native Android app as well as iOS app.
React native is getting a lot of attention nowadays and people are loving how the things are shaping for the react native and the community is growing.

I know many of you are jumping from the couch now and saying “hey” finally I can use my web development skills and can create and design native Android and iOS app with React Native using those skills, no need to learn Java Kotlin or Swift. and you might be thinking how can I get started in that?

How to create Android app with React Native?

I have two approaches here to you in order to get started with react native to create Android or IOS App:
First of all, this is unavoidable you need to be really good in:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • a little bit on the Flex box.

your HTML CSS and JavaScript skills are the essential you cannot skip that and it's not vanilla JavaScript skills, you need to require a little bit more than that and simply, saying the es6 version the latest syntax of the es6 is required and there is no skip for that.

The second approach is once you are comfortable with the HTML CSS and JavaScript part then comes the second approach and it's completely on you how you want to get started I recommend all the people to get started with react first because all the skills that you learn in the react again the components props and States and everything is going to be helpful in react native as well.

But it is not compulsion, a lot of people directly jump into react native and learn all the concepts just right there and it's completely ok as well but having skills of react is really helpful and all those persons who are having react skills can probably in a week or two weeks can start building basic app in react native.

Now You may wonder! If this means that all people will create Android app with React Native and people will not be learning the native apps like Swift, Java and Kotlin!!

No, it's not like that try to assume it like that if the node GS is coming in the market does it means that the PHP is going somewhere?

No not at all there are always side by side technologies and for some business this is good and for some business that is good.

For example, there are still apps that are being designed in Ruby on Rails as well as on Django as well as on PHP and node.js so it's always good to have a lot of options and it's technology it's going to be wide variety and it's going to be changing all the time.

So, there are options now in front of it you can go with the Android development using Java as well or maybe Kotlin as well and you can go similarly for the iOS development using Swift as well but now you have more options.

Simply saying you don't want to learn those languages like Swift or Java or Kotlin you can directly get started with react native and enjoy your other few skills of JavaScript HTML and CSS and build native apps.

So whole story short none of the technology is going anywhere but luckily, we have now more options and it's going to be a lot of business who is going to say that hey for my business the react native is awesome and some are going to say that hey for my business hybrid apps are awesome, for some business it's going to say hey I need just java application in Android.

So, Lot of technologies are going to come up that means a lot of more options, lot of new job opportunities and it's all win-win situation for everybody.

I see a lot of good feature in the react and react native and others such technologies that are coming up around and I always keep an eye on those things which are just around in the market and react has produced really some good results and even I have tried to compare some of the react native apps with the actual native apps being designed in the Swift and they all are performing really absolutely fine.



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