Firebase Tutorial

Developing a successful app isn't easy

To reach a broad audience you'll need to consider your iOS, Android, and mobile web users and to build for these platforms you'll need a back-end server to store data and support the apps.
Of course, you want to get your users logged in, hopefully lots of users, which means your back-end will have to scale.
Then after you've solved your scaling problems you have to find more ways to spread the word to get new users but have you found a way to measure all this activity and may your app be crashing and causing servers to meltdown and you haven't even made a dime yet.
Don't you wish this could be easier?
This is why you must learn Firebase Tutorial

Why Firebase?

img It has all the tools you need to build a successful app.

  • Helps you reach new users.

  • Keep them engaged.

  • Scale up to meet that demand.

  • In addition to getting paid.
    But What is that tools?

    That What you will know at the Firebase Tutorial

    Get started right now with firebase on Android, iOS, or the web to manage and monitor your apps connected to firebase so you can view crashes, setup experiments, track analytics and a whole lot more.
    Use firebase as your apps back-end infrastructure and get the benefit of using all these components:

    Tests lab & Crash reporting

    From the beginning with firebase you'll have tests lab and crash reporting to prevent and diagnose errors in your app.

    Real-time database & File storage & Hosting solutions

    Your back-end infrastructure problems are solved with our real-time database file storage and hosting solutions.

    Invites & AdWords & dynamic links

    Acquiring new users is easy with invites, AdWords and dynamic links.


    Using the authentication component, you can get those users logged in with minimal friction.

    Notifications & cloud messaging & app indexing

    Once installed your app you can keep your users engaged with notifications, cloud messaging and app indexing.

    Remote config

    With remote config you have the freedom to experiment with new features and optimize the user experience in real time.

    AdMob by Google

    Of course, you can earn money with the same AdMob component that's been monetizing great apps for years.


    Firebase all-new analytics component designed uniquely for firebase brings insight into how well these components are working for you and your users.
    With firebase analytics you can measure and optimize your advertising campaigns, discover who are your most valuable users and understand exactly how they are using your app.
    Now all these firebase components work great on their own and provide a solid infrastructure to build out your app but they work even better when combined in creative ways.
    So, let firebase handle the details of your apps back-end infrastructure, user engagement and monetization while you spend more time building the apps your users will love.



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