Assets Of unity3D

_Assets in Unity are the items that can be used in your project or Game.
We can import assets in unity that are supported by unity, for example audio files, images and 3D models.
We can also create them inside the unity such as Animator Controller or a Render Texture._

Modeling assets for Games

While working on your own game you will need some assets whether it's a 3D Human Model or detailed environment pieces like trees, boulders, rocks or bushes.
While Unity has powerful terrain editing features, allowing you to create the whole environment but You'll need to create the things like rocks, bushes and shrubs that really breathe life into it. if you are an indie developer and can't afford to purchase of assets then you can model assets your own with the help of assets modeling software.

Modeling software for unity

There are much software used for modeling assets but Unity can import files from the following software.

If you are new to game development and modeling carrier then blender will be the best option for you there are many reasons to choose blender as a beginner among all but most prominent is that it is free and open source.It supports the modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, even video editing and game creation. Blender is also cross-platform which mean it runs equally well on Linux, Windows, and Macintosh operating systems.
so what else you need as an indie developer?.

alt text

note: Here is one thing to remember that you cannot be able to import assets to unity if you don't have the corresponding software installed on your computer.
This means that if someone working on your Unity project must have the correct software installed.
For example, if you import file *.
blend to your project then you must have Blender installed on your computer.

Asset store

unity also has asset Store where you can download free and purchase many 2D and 3D assets for games. there are many categorize of the asset in which you will get Environments, vehicles and many more.Some assets on the store are free and some are paid. you can directly navigate to asset store from unity as well to go to asset store select Asset Store from the Window menu.

alt text

To watch detail on asset store click here.

Importing assets to Unity

you can save assets directly into the Assets folder of your project, just copy the asset into that folder and Unity will be able to read it automatically. Unity will notice when you save new changes to the file and will re-import as necessary. you can directly go to folder from unity by right-clicking on assets folder in unity -> show in Explorer.

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