10 tools that are useful for Android application development

Android having one of the biggest market share, and right now there are more than 2 billion monthly active devices that are running on android.
Development of android application is comparatively easy to other operating system and android offer many for developers.
There are plenty of android tools available in the market which help developers in developing application.
In this blog I will share the 10 useful tools that will help you in developing android application.

1. Android Studio

Android studio is the official and one of the best IDE which is developed by Google with the corporation with JetBrains.
It is based on the IntelliJ Platform and it have all the thing that are required to build android application.
Android studio having world class code editing, debugging and flexible system with the fast and rich-featured emulator.
Android studio support kotlin, Java and C++.

2. AVD Manager


Android virtual device is basically an emulator configuration which is widely used by android developers.
AVD manager having a characteristic of android phone and can be used for running and testing android application.
AVD manager allow developers to create multiple virtual android devices with different screen sizes and android version which help developers to test the behavior of their application on different devices and sizes.

3. Android Device Monitor


Android Device Manager is a built in tool that which is used to manage android devices. Device Monitor provide developer graphical representation for many android application debugging and analysis tool. It is built in tool so you don’t need to install this individually.

4. Android Asset Studio


This is one of the favorite android tool which provide collection of tools to developers like by using this tool you can create store launcher icon, shortcut icon, notification icon generator.
It is created by Roman Nurik and easily available online. Here is the link for this tool.

5. Apache Cordova


Apache Cordova is an open-source and one of the best cross-platform mobile application development tool.
This is tools is widely used by many developers for creating hybrid application.
Anyone who having a good command on HTML, CSS and JavaScript can develop application for Android.
It’s a best tool if you want to develop application for more than one platform.

6. React Native


React native is a next generation tool which is introduced by Facebook. You can create native application just only using JavaScript. The best thing about react that you can reuse your code across mobile and web so you don’t need to create same application for different platform from scratch. Right now, many application including Facebook, Instagram, skype, tesla, Walmart using react.



It is a library for analyzing the animation of Adobe After Effects exported as JSON by Bodymovin and rendering them natively on the mobile.

8. CoordinatorTabLayout


CoordinatorTabLayout is a custom composite control for quickly implementing a combination of TabLayout and CoordinatorLayout.

9. SQLite


SQLite is an open source library, which is used to store data into database.
The is the best relational database management system which help you to organize your data.
It’s a lightweight server less, self-contained database that comes with Android.

10. Fabric

Fabric is a mobile platform tool which help your team to develop better apps.
It is tightly integrated into your software development environment which let you easily integrate new services.
Fabric is lightweight and powerful and fast crash reporting tool and it will automate your beta Application distribution and deployment process.



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