8 iPhone camera applications

I gathered iPhone camera applications.


"Pixlr" is a photo processing application that can do full-scale retouching for free. Especially useful for double exposures and overlays, it is an application that brings to fantastic photographable processing. There are few difficult operations, so retouching can be done intuitively if you get used to it. You can finish beautiful works without using a PC.

2.Adobe Photoshop Express

When a professional photographer processes images with a PC, most people think that they use Adobe 's Photoshop. Do you know that there is such an application version of Photoshop? Because it is "Adobe Photoshop Express" which has a reputation from professional, it is possible to edit the photo to take full advantage of the charm of the photo.


"Prisma" is an application that makes it easy to add artistic effects to photos. It is a popular image processing application which became a hot topic among iPhone users from the beginning of the release and taken up in various media. To use it, just select a photo and select a filter. You can easily make a photograph with an artistic impression.


"Fotor" is a popular application that can be processed easily and stylishly, and you can edit images while watching the finish of photographs from over 100 types of filters. This is a general purpose processing application which has RGB graph adjustment and focus function and can be used easily and seriously.


"Fused" is an application that can synthesize two photos and movies to make multiple exposure wind. Since we combine different pictures, we can create scenes and art images that no one has seen before with iPhone. Please try creating a nice image that you can only do for you.

6.Microsoft Pix

"Microsoft Pix" is a camera application for the iPhone that is operated by Microsoft, and a function that artificial intelligence photographs beautifully photograph with a more optimal setting as standard is installed. Furthermore, it is the best choice as a sub-camera of the iPhone because it can be easily done from the setting change because there is no genuine iPhone camera.


"Clip" is a video editing application that Apple released in 2017. You can also edit the captured movie as it is. It is also paying attention to a novel shooting method that shoots a movie only while pressing the button and interrupts shooting when you release your finger.


"BeautyPlus" is a recommended camera application to take pictures of yourself beautifully.



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