3D animation expression using Unity toon shading


It is a commentary on 3D animation expression using Unity5's toon shading.

Left image: Before change Right image: After change

Try using Toon Shader

Assets > Import Package > Effects

Import assets. Since ToonShader and ImageEffect can be used, first adjust the material using Toon / Lit Outline. There are three points. · How to add shadows · Simplification of texture · Color balance

Shadow setting

When setting [Toon Ramp] when setting toon shader, shading changes greatly.


I will make it in a cell-anime style atmosphere this time, so I will adjust to the second type from the left.

Texture setting

Because I am not yet cell animation just by changing the shaders, I will change the texture. I will make it a type of solid painting instead of a painting method using a gradation of texture.

Not only the painting but adding lines adds better.

The result of the adjustment including the color balance etc. will be the picture on the right end. This concludes the material setup.

Adjust shadows in lighting

When using toon shading, it often happens that I feel cheap. The impression changes with the shadowing method, so adjust the lighting so that the shadows enter cleanly. Especially the shadow of the face tends to feel a sense of incompatibility, so if it is difficult to adjust, it is better for the face to avoid falling shadows.

Left image: 1 directional light Right image: Adjust with separate directional light such as face, clothes, body

Using Image Effect

Next, I use ImageEffect to make the atmosphere on the whole screen. I mainly use [Bloom] and [Color Correction Curves] to adjust.

No ImageEffect

Bloom (Makes the whole screen familiar so that soft light enters)

Color Correction Curves (It arranges the color balance of the whole screen.)

Put light according to the light source

Put a gradation according to the direction of the light source.

Texture material for flare.

Paste this texture into a plate polygon and use it. Material uses Particles / Additive etc.

Place the flare image in space like this.

Put the light source and flare and it is completed. I have uploaded what we produced based on the process so far by YouTube version. If you are interested please look.


This time it is the adjustment content using Unity, but the idea is the same whether it is UE 4 or another engine, so please try it with your easy-to-use tool.

This content is provided with Unity-chan license



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