How Pithri got an Amazon Prime like experience on his Shopify Store using StorePep?

With a journey that began in the 1950s with a small outlet, Pithri has now established themselves with an online store. It’s no surprise that a company that produces such a level of quality products have been able to make their mark in the world of fashion. Here is an excerpt from a chat that we had with Pithri.

Pithri is my family business started by my grandfather in 1952. My grandfather and grandmother started this business by selling socks which they hand knit at home. By 1970, Pithri went into the market on a large scale and gained a lot of goodwill. I’m fortunate to be born in this family and to continue the legacy. I started the Pithri online store in 2016. It took a year to set up since I was new in this field. My grandfather made the brand successful in Calcutta and I wanted it to reach out to entire India by going online. I love my work as every day is a new challenge. Dhruv Kumar, the present face of Pithri, speaks about their business and how StorePep helped them resolve the shipping issues. Shipping orders were crucial, so initially, I tied up with FedEx. The main issue was that for individual orders, I had to go to the FedEx website and input the order and customer details. To handle one order, it would take around 15-20 minutes. So, I was actively looking for a partner or a solution which would make this process quicker and easier because of the growing demand.

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