Utilize blended characters and wildcard search in your apps using .NET API

incorporate-blended-characters-and-wildcard-search-in-dotnet-apps-using-groupdocs-search-for-dotnet-.png .NET platform is a common hunting ground for programmers around the globe to develop software applications of countless different types. For instance, a business application to index and search through data fetched from Microsoft Office and OpenOffice files, ZIP archives, email messages or PDF documents. Indexing process lets you collect, parse and store data for quicker, more accurate searching.

In a given scenario, you might need to work with multiple indices, to index more than one set of retrieved information. Therefore, you can either code a program from scratch yourself, or, you can use a dependable API to help you incorporate its features within the apps you plan to create. GroupDocs.Search for .NET is a text search API offering you necessary leverage to utilize its diverse set of features in your .NET search and indexing applications proficiently.

One of the notable features of this .NET API is the use of blended characters within your apps. The idea of this feature is that such characters help you reduce search terms and when indexed, blended characters get simultaneously interpreted as valid letters as well as separators.

Another prominent feature is that of searching words containing wildcards; supporting two forms, a single wildcard arbitrary character, or a range of characters - http://bit.ly/2AT9qXi



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