Modify Page Orientation, Rotate Document Pages using Java Merger API

change-orientation-and-rotate-document-pages-in-java-apps-using-groupdocs-merger-for-java-api-.png As an application developer, you may come across a business requirement for building utility application which could work with commonly used document formats. Such applications are especially useful on mobile devices and provide end users with a portable, light weight and swift avenue of document manipulation on the go.

When we talk about utility features, we are considering functionalities like modifying the orientation of document pages (portrait, landscape) as well as rotating document pages and many more. One good example of a utility app is a document scanning and printing application, providing end users with the ability to rotate and orientate file pages which they wish to scan or print.

If you are a Java developer and you plan on incorporating similar features into your applications, consider GroupDocs.Merger for Java. It is a sophisticated document merger API for Java platform empowering you to merge, split or trim Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, EPUB, ODT, TXT, Diagram and Note format documents as well as move and swap specific document pages too. You have access to an array of basic and advanced features to absorb into any type of Java applications. Try free –



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