Manipulate Metadata in Password Protected Documents using Java API

manipulate-metadata-in-password-protected-pdf-msword-excel-powerpoint-documents-in-java-apps-using-groupdocs-metadata-for-java.png File sharing services are very much in fashion now and people depend upon such services for sharing documents everyday. We freely distribute our legal, professional and other types of files over the Internet, with hard copies fast becoming a thing of the past. This also means that we regularly come across encrypted or password-protected files, which ensure document security and satisfaction on end user’s part.

It is almost a given that application development process now includes working algorithms to manipulate all types of data inside protected documents. GrouDocs.Metadata for Java API is one such solution, offering end users the ability to work with the metadata of password-protected Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents on Java platform. In addition to this, the Java document metadata API provides enhanced memory utilization when processing DOCX and PPTX file formats and supports more metadata keys in DOC and DOCX formats plus much more.

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