Implement Wildcard Search Functionality in your Java Applications

perform-wildcard-search-in-your-java-indexing-apps-using-groupdocs-search-for-java-api-.png Indexing is a term quite synonymous with search engines now days, however, by definition, it refers to organizing data based on a specific schema. To put it another way, it’s the process of making data and information more presentable as well as conveniently accessible.

Arrangement of data in an index saves you time and effort during information search or retrieval. For perspective, consider a book on space science containing hundreds of pages. If it does not include an index, you would have to search through the whole book every time you wish to view desired information. It would be a completely different scenario with this book having an index, you can open the exact page which holds the information you are looking for.

GroupDocs.Search for Java is a unique indexing API providing a refined feature set and flexible structure. It lets Java app developers create and manage multiple indices and use various search queries such as simple, boolean, regular expression (regex) or fuzzy search.

You can use blended characters with this Java API which help you in utilizing characters like a hyphen as valid letters and separators when indexing. Wildcard search option is another very useful feature of this API. There are two forms of wildcards available, single arbitrary character or a range of wildcard arbitrary characters. Check all available features yourself today –



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