How to Watermark Documents and Images from your mobile

text-watermark-your-pdf-office-visio-odt-and-image-file-formats-using-groupdocs-watermark-online-free-app-twitter-.png In this article, we will briefly discuss about watermarking, the benefits and convenience it offers together with primary uses and how you can incorporate it into your business processes effortlessly.

Watermarking helps secure your legal, official, personal or medical documents. It is also a way of setting a specific status for your documents to differentiate them from other files as well as to comply with certain organizational policies.

So, by now we probably understand the importance of watermarking your valuable files and the significance it carries. The next question, what type of files or documents would you like to watermark? And how do we do it?

We are living in the age of applications (or apps) not software, which is a reference to the portability and convenience we look to incorporate into almost everything we do. ‘On the move’ is a common terminology, related to the use of mobile devices while also referring to something like ‘Oh I don’t want to sit in front of a computer screen to be able to do my daily tasks’.

This means, we might like to use an app for watermarking important documents and even better if we can use it from the comfort of our couch, on a mobile, from our favorite browser. To sum it all up, a platform independent online app, allowing us to access it at anytime, from anywhere, using any device and operating platform. Among all available apps which bundle together every aforementioned requirement, GroupDocs.Watermark App is a great choice.

It lets you add text watermarks to your PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, OpenDocument and other notable documents in addition to PNG, GIF, JPEG and other popular image file formats. All you need to do is upload your file, add watermark text, select desired font plus color, process the watermark and obtain the resultant document. All this without having to download and install a plugin or software; use it on a range of devices, browsers and operating platforms effortlessly. Why not check it out yourself at –



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