How to Assemble External Documents Dynamically using Java API

Document automation is not a one dimensional process, but a multi-faceted, collaborative set of harmonized sub-systems functioning together to deliver desired output. Computer programmers and app developers continuously use document assembly applications to automate the file generation process for themselves and their clients. Case scenarios and development platforms could differ, but the key principle remains constant.


An important aspect of document automation is the ability to work with dynamic content. On many occasions, we might need to dynamically consume documents into our applications. When it comes to utilizing this functionality on Java platform, one of the most well-known options is GroupDocs.Assembly for Java API. It supports dynamically assembling external documents within your Java apps for Microsoft Office and Email file formats.

You can incorporate the contents of external documents into your reports dynamically with the help of the doc tags which are placeholders inside a template for a document to be absorbed at run-time. It works by declaring an expression inside a doc tag, which helps load a document to be added dynamically. The expression declared within the doc tag is evaluated and the output is then used to load the document with its content replacing the dog tag. Try now –

GroupDocs APIs on YouTube –



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