GroupDocs Cloud Newsletter November 2018 – Cloud REST APIs to Manipulate Business Documents

Main-GroupDocsCloudNewsletter-November2018.png November 2018 edition of GroupDocs Cloud Newsletter has arrived, bringing you news and updates on all recent API releases. Major highlight includes GroupDocs.Viewer Cloud SDK for Node.js, a wrapper built around document viewer Cloud REST APIs, and supporting incorporation of document rendering features for business file formats like PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project, Outlook, CAD, Web, and Metafiles in Node.js platform. In other product news, developers can avail the file conversion, comparison and annotation REST APIs and individual Cloud SDKs for cURL, PHP and .NET platforms to convert between numerous business document formats, compare different versions of a file together with the ability to annotate legal documents and image files effortlessly.

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