Extract Metadata from Presentation Templates using .NET Parsing API

extract-metadata-from-presentation-templates-on-dotnet-platform-using-groupdocs-parser-for-dotnet-api-.png Develop applications for extracting text and metadata from many different text and presentation templates on .NET platform with the help of the latest version of the document text extraction API. Another important feature is the ability to programmatically fetch tables from PDF documents within your .NET apps. While working with this functionality, you can create table bounds manually or let the API identify the layout in automatic mode.

In addition to this, you have access to the features of detecting media type of your password-protected Office OpenXML documents and batch document processing in GroupDocs.Parser for .NET API – http://bit.ly/2QuFPsr

Watch video tutorials of the GroupDocs API on YouTube – http://bit.ly/2RIJCqN



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