Conveniently annotate your Microsoft Office, PDF and Image files in Java

annotate-your-microsoft-office-documents-and-images-using-groupdocs-annotation-for-java.png Add annotations to the contents of your Word DOCX, Excel XLSX, PowerPoint PPTX, PDF documents; JPEG, TIFF and CAD images using GroupDocs.Annotation for Java. Programmers can insert native annotations including Area, Text, Point, Polyline and Watermark annotation or leverage the advanced feature set of document annotation API to enhance any Java app. It offers the flexibility to store annotation objects and lets multiple users simultaneously annotate the same document in real-time. A fully cross platform compatible file annotator, it works across all major devices including smart phones, tablets, Windows PC, Mac as well as a multitude of browser applications.

Download your free trial of GroupDocs.Annotation for Java today by visiting –



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