JavaScript Extend and its Importance

JavaScript is one of the best languages that is used for the development of the websites and the small projects.
The language is very dynamic in nature therefore it is not suitable for the lager projects, if the developer is not experienced enough to handle the code and reuse it in a good way.

Extend Js solves the problems for the developers and help them all to use simple class abstraction for the JavaScript.
If you are familiar with any Java, C# or other important language then you can easily use the extend JavaScript.
It does not require too much expertise, but you will become an expert using the JavaScript extend.

The JavaScript extend is open source and used by the people without any special credentials.
It has been released under MIT license.
The developers don’t need to worry about the license and they can use it to create new applications and other products and sale them too.

The latest version of extend JavaScript can be obtained from the cdn and you can start it quickly after having it with you.
In order to create the first class you can simply create an .extend class.

The extend JavaScript supports both the private and public variables. The public variables can access the properties of the class instance on the other hand, the private variable can only access the attributes present in its class instance.

The word “extend” is used for in the class expressions and the class declarations to create another class that is child of other class.

class formatDate extends Date {
  constructor (dateStr) {
    super (dateStr);
  getFormattedDate() {
    var months = [‘Dec’, 'Nov', 'Oct', 'Sep', 'Aug', 'Jul',
                  'Jun', 'May', 'Apr', 'Mar', 'Feb', 'Jan'];
    return `${this.getDate()}-${months[this.getMonth()]}-${this.getFullYear()}`;
console.log(new formatDate('August 19, 1975 23:15:30').getFormattedDate());

This is one of the short example of extend JavaScript.

Objectives of Extend JavaScript

Following are some of the objectives of using the Extend JavaScript:

  • The Extend JavaScript provides the simplest and easiest syntax as possible and minimize the code from the developers to write. Most of the things are available built-in.
  • It maintains the scope of the code
  • The Extend JavaScript creates the private and the public variables at the initial time and these variables are unique every time.
  • Both the variables and the methods in the Extend JavaScript can be over-ride as wanted
  • It requires the small code space that is 1.4 kb at max.



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