3 JavaScript mobile app development framework

The first iPhone was launched in 2007.
The first Android phones came out in 2009 and Windows Mobile was launched in 2010. iPhone actually allowed people to start browsing online and that's where the shift from browsing on desktops and laptops to phones really began.
Here are some of the JavaScript frameworks for app development.


Adobe has purchased PhoneGap and after purchasing PhoneGap, it released PhoneGap to the world as an open-source project.
By using PhoneGap, we can easily write the same piece of code which we write in JavaScript for generating the APIs required for app development.
It’s a software framework which will help you in reusing your already existing skills like JavaScript to create mobile apps.
Now Cordova has recently come out to version 7.0, therefore to run Cordova we need to have nodejs.
It is the commercial version for which we can pay Adobe to get the tech support.


Apache Cordova is a JavaScript framework that can use to build mobile applications and desktop applications with HTML CSS and JavaScript.
We don't need to learn C sharp objective C's with Java, C++ or any other language.
We can simply use the existing skills that we have HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create mobile applications and we can build them from multiple platforms.
Cordova is the framework which can be used on any platform.
Whatever platform that we're working on, when we go to do the compiling part we do need to have the SDK for the platform that we're targeting.
So if we're doing Android development we do need the Android SDK if we're doing iOS development we need the iOS SDK.
In Cordova we're using our existing skills with JavaScript to build our app.
There are a whole bunch of plugins for every purpose. We can also build MIDI apps using Cordova.
Cordova is the open-source version of Adobe.
Both Adobe and the open-source community are all contributing to the project and whatever gets updated gets passed back and forth between the two of them.
People who write plug-ins to work with Cordova also works with PhoneGap and the same the other way around.


It is also an open source platform for creating mobile app using HTML and JavaScript.
It is a cross-platform SDK having more than 9lakh developers.
One can easily create mobile native apps using Titanium.
So far it has more than 46 crore devices using apps made from Titanium all over the world.
It has provided an interface such that we can write the code in JavaScript for creating the mobile app and then run it anywhere.
It provides seamless support for all its new releases and provides direct access to its APIs via JavaScript.


So, these were some of the JavaScript frameworks for app development.
Please note that choosing the right framework not only depends upon the features offered by it, but it’s about the overall functionality which you need.
Therefore, go for the framework as per your project’s needs and requirements so that you can save your time and efforts.



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