What is JavaScript return value?


There are many concepts in JavaScript programming language.
If you want to become an expert in this field, then you need to learn all these concepts.
Here, we are going to help you out.
We are going to share a very important concept of this language.
We are going to explain what JavaScript return value is. Read this out, if you want to learn more about it.

Definition and Usage

We are going to tell you about the concept and the usage of return value.
If you add a return statement in your code, then it will stop the execution of a specific function.
Plus, it will also return you a value from the function it stops.
This is the definition of a return value. Now, we are going to explain the usage of this value.

Whenever your JavaScript will reach a point where a return statement is written, the function will stop working on its own.
On the other hand, if the function is raised by a return statement, the language will then return on completing and code once the program is raised by the statement.
Many times, the functions every so and on work on a return value.
In this way, the value will be returned to the person who called the function.
You can return an object, a literal object as well as an array.
These are the type which the developer has created which captured the returned values.

Syntax of return value

Here, we are going to share the syntax of return value.
You can use it whenever you want to use return value in your codes:

return value;


Now, I am going to shed some light on the parameters as well.
These things will help you to complete your work without making mistakes.
Value is a parameter which is optional in this case.
It will be used to specify the value which is supposed to be returned to the caller of the function.
Now, if you are planning to omit it, then you must know that it will simply return undefined. A simple example of a return function is:

function myFunction() {
    return Mathematics.PI;

Technical details

If you are learning something, then you have to keep all things in mind.
That is why, we are also sharing the technical details.
JavaScript Version: ECMAScript 1. These are the basic things about the return value of JavaScript.



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