10 recommended slack bot

Slack is a powerful tool for teams that provide different functionalities to do their tasks efficiently.
Slack provides the following components:

  • Teams and workspace
  • Channels
  • Messages
  • Search
  • Notifications

Now, what happens when a tool like slack gets automated to provide more power to teams? This is where slack bots comes in to place. From time scheduling to keeping up to date with the trends while working, here are some of the most recommended and frequently used slackbots

1. Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts was developed by Google as a chatting application in 2013, by using this application you can communicate with your team via instant messaging, voice calls, and video calls.
You can easily integrate this slack application with your team members in your slack change.

2. Statsbot

Statsbot is one of the intelligent slack bot, by which you can send big data on the fly and can create consistent data definition that you can share with your organization.
It provide an completely new approach and you can create your SQL database to Statsbot by pressing only one click. This slack bot connect you with many platforms including Google Analytics, SQL, Stripe, Salesforce, and Mixpanel.

3. Lunch Train

This is one of the famous and widely used slack bot by which you can coordinate with your team and plan group lunch outings.
You can simply start a lunch by simple using slash command then your teammate automatically get the notification when it’s a lunchtime.

4. Trello

Trello is web-based slack bot application which is developed by Atlassian.
This application is trusted by millions of users you can easily link this application which will help you harness the power of productivity.
You can easily invite your team members in one click. This tool will help you to collaborate and work with your team in a productive way.

5. Simple Poll

This is simple application which will help you to create poll. This application is powered by emoji and there are around 10 different options. This is one of the easiest app to create poll for your co-workers and you can easily evaluate the answers of your poll.

6. Tomatobot

It’s a slack bot which set work and break timers which help to boost the efficiency and the productivity of your work.
It’s a rail application and work on background.
This application is simply Pomodoro timer for your Slack team. This application work simple with slash command /start work to start work and when its break time you will get notification.

7. Diggbot

Diggbot is used to find the amazing web content curated by Digg.
If you want news, trending, stories, search and latest edition then you can easily integrate Digg to your Slack team.
You can search about any topics from Digg.

8. Humblebot

Humblebot is very famous bot which will send you advice every morning. It is best Slack bot and this bot give you slack direct message on how you can be a better person. This bots having a capabilities of sending message to your friends. This bot is best to improve productivity.

9. Timebot

Timebot is currently available for web, it can be used to manage time request, holiday’s vacation.
This is one of the best application for tracking the vacation of your employee and approving time off request.
It will also help HR doing many tasks.

10. Micro-Feedback

Micro-Feedback is a one of the best and lightweight bot which facilitates teams to get frequent, actionable feedback in real time.
By using this application a project manager can send performance report to each of its employee.
This application also allow users to send feedback as an emoji.
This application allow users to determine their goal and to particular circle for feedback.



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