Interesting Facts about Addiction: Some People Get Hooked while Others Don’t

Interesting Facts about Addiction: Some People Get Hooked while Others Don’t

Addiction to anything is a serious problem. According to research, it’s a brain syndrome but what seems puzzling is some people get hooked easily while others do not. What are the reasons for this phenomenon?

Who’s Prone to Addiction?

Everyone can become an addict. It’s not only the weak who are susceptible to illegal substances, booze or sex. Anybody can develop addiction at any given time. The probability for a person to get addicted is shaped by a mix of environmental and genetic factors. For example, youngsters whose parents are addicts have greater chances of becoming drug dependents compared to normal families.

Other factors are the following:

 Causal psychiatric disorders – Individuals who suffer from anxiety as well as fits of depression are more at risk of becoming addicted because they get easily overpowered and confused. Once this happens, the only solution left to them is the use of illegal substances or alcohol.  Social settings – This is what we call peer pressure or current norms in school, neighborhood or at work. If the environment is influenced by drug use or crime, the most common offshoot is drug addiction.  Trauma – Harrowing or disturbing events in the life of a person such as loss of a family member or being abandoned during childhood is an influential factor in a person’s getting hooked on alcohol or drugs.

What are the Facts? Addiction is detrimental since it ultimately leads to severe physical, social, psychological, and financial issues for the victim and their families. An addict is devoured by his or her untenable situation and incapable of living normally.

Here are some astonishing facts about addiction:  Nobody can predict addiction.  Addicts who have recovered can revert to their old ways. However, this malady can be cured.  More than 206 million people worldwide have used illegal drugs based on statistics published in the Internet. These figures are not even current.  Many teens break into their parents’ medicine cabinets to steal prescriptions which lead to prescription abuse and dependency.  It’s not only the unemployed who are susceptible to addiction. In fact, around 70 percent of drug users have regular jobs.  More than 40 percent of admissions to hospitals are connected to alcoholism.  Almost two-thirds of teens under rehabilitation say they have been abused sexually which turned out to be a principal factor in drug addiction.  While the main focus is on illegal substances and alcoholic drinks, the most addictive drugs are right inside the homes of law-abiding citizens. Many individuals start to crave for prescription medications given by licensed doctors for recurring ailments, depression and other conditions.  Substance abuse is associated with practically ½ of violent crimes while ½ of felons arrested for violent crimes were under drug influence during the time of their apprehension.

Conclusion Substance abuse can give you pleasure and temporary relief. Yet, it is harmful, destructive and even fatal. This condition must be curbed earlier on before it becomes totally uncontrollable.


Addiction should be taken seriously

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