The curious case of bhanwari devi

The blackmailing and abduction instance relating to sacked Rajasthan water resource minister Mahipal maderna has taken a destructive turn. Another suspect called sunil gurjar has actually been associated with auctioning the sleaze CD which has the minister and missing midwife named bhanwari devi.

Earlier it was understood from an audio clipping that, a deal was made by Delhi based broker potentially Sunil. The deal was associated to exchange of the CD which have the sleaze video.

When the midwife understood about this deal, she tried to communicate this message and also warn about the adverse effects to the sacked Rajasthan water source priest mahipal maderna. She was terrified that the CD might obtain into commoner's hands and she would be incriminated.

Bhanwari devi recognized virtually all men entailed in this case, from the blackmailer to the intermediaries. Later maderna came to recognize about this deal of trading the sleaze CD. He feared that he might be linked to and would certainly be sacked from the prestigious work.

This whole speculation was progressing around the previous replacement of maderna. As she could not call mahipal maderna quickly enough, she encouraged and also talked to this previous deputy as well as asked him to organize an individual meeting with mahipal maderna. the replacement that was in charge of every one of these speculation later absconded.

The audio clip states plainly about the transfer of CD. Bhanwari was on one more phone call with indhra vishnoi.

The sunil gurjar Nasirabad had some intense political link as well as used them all at wrong cause. This case was magnified when the husband of bhanwari submitted a grievance against mahipal maderna. Maderna was later on confessed to healthcare facility due to wellness problems.


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