Movie Editing and Browser Recommendations iPhone Application Summary


"SlideStory" is an application that makes it easy to create a nice slideshow simply by selecting a photo from the iPhone gallery and filtering it. You can also insert original BGM and messages, so you can easily create a slideshow with high completeness. It is fun to summarize the memories of the trip.


"Magisto" is a recommended movie editing application for troublesome work. Simply choose a movie, pick a filter and choose music. This ease is received by users all over the world. "Magisto" is a very good choice if you want to enjoy editing movies taken with iPhone on a daily basis. The memory of the iPhone album genuine function is also nice, but you can make a work with originality in "Magisto".


Browser application "Dolphin Browser" with many fans strong in function high. It is such a wonderful application that you can say that you can not go back to the standard browser application if you start using it. It also has an add block function, and has received high praise from iPhone users who dislike advertisements. If you are not looking for Safari too much or you are looking for a sub browser please download it.


Speaking of popular browsers optimized for the iPhone, it is "iLunascape". In order to improve the feeling of operation with one hand, it is a pleasant design that collects frequently used functions in the reach of the thumb. In addition, the screen memo function is highly acclaimed, and it is possible to check posts that are easily worrisome later. "Only Safari is not an iPhone browser! Such a powerful word is a browser application that seems to be heard.

3.Brave Browser

Brave Web Browser is a fast, free, secure web browser for iOS with a built-in AdBlocker, tracking and security protection, and optimized data and battery experience.



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