AngularJS: The Spine of Front-End Web Development


In this article, I will discuss the special library and framework for the Front-End web development, which is AngularJS. AngularJS is a JavaScript framework used for the front-end web development.

AngularJS was developed by Google. The main objective behind developing the AngularJS framework is to make web development a lot more easier. It was first launched in the year 2012 and has become one of the most popular frameworks of JavaScript viz-a-viz front-end web development.

Below are the main features of AngularJS that make it popular in JavaScript community.

The Model-View-Controller Architecture

The model-view-controller architecture, commonly called MVC, of AngularJS is just perfect.

MVC, in simple terms, is the software design pattern that is used to develop applications. M of MVC, which is called Model, is used to handle the data, V of MVC, referred as View, is responsible of displaying and managing view objects, and C of MVC, which is Controller, has a duty to play an intermediary role between the Model and the View.

In normal applications, which you apply MVC design pattern, you have to split your application in to these three camps and then add code to it.

After that, you have to connect all of them. In AngularJS, you just need to split your application into three camp, all the rest of the connections will be handled by AngularJS itself.

That is one of the main reasons why AngularJS is popular and is considered to be the spine of Front-End web development. The figure down below shows the general architecture of MVC. enter image description here

Less Code but more Efficient

enter image description here

AngularJS needs much less coding than the other front-end web development frameworks. As mentioned above that you do not have to connect the MVC layers, you don’t have to write separate codes for the view manually etc.

Collectively, all of these features of AngularJS save a lot of valuable time of web developers.

State of the art Unit Testing Module

Debugging and Unit Testing is kind of the backbone for the success of any software or application. Angularjs provides unit testing technique that helps the developers produce the high quality applications.

The code may be divided into the small testable parts called units. This helps the developers to debug their code more efficiently and remove bugs from it.

enter image description here

Powered by Google

enter image description here

Google, being the pioneer of current era, has developed AngularJS framework.

The Google development team comprises the experienced Engineers as well as the expert developers. Off and on, Google has produced various frameworks and libraries that live up to the expectations of developers. AngularJS is one of those frameworks, which is why it is famous in JavaScript community.



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